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  • Dust2 is now available in matchmaking

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    Dust2 rework

    In a brand new update Valve has added the reworked version of dust2 to the live servers. Players will now be able to play the new dust2 in matchmaking. Beside of that, the 700MB update brings some audio improvements and adds sticker and graffiti capsules.


    Release Notes for 10/18/2017

    – Replaced de_dust2 with updated version.
    – Improved de_nuke bot navigation.

    – Unique jump landing sounds for all major surfaces.
    – Unique sounds for picking up weapons and grenades.
    – Unique bullet impact sounds for vehicles and barrels.
    – Re-balanced music kits volume to be more in-line with the overall game volume.
    – Improved resolution and quality of HRTF algorithm.

    – Both Perfect World Sticker Capsule Limited Time Offers and Graffiti Capsule Limited Time Offers are now available worldwide.
    – Added normal maps for “Gut Knife | Autotronic”, “Bayonet | Autotronic”, and “M9 Bayonet | Autotronic”.
    – Fixed case where players could be blinded by a flashbang outside the map and out of line of sight.


    Source: Valve blog post

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