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  • More fun in CS:GO: 5 suggestions on how to improve matchmaking

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    Playing matchmaking in CS:GO is fun. Well, at least sometimes. But often enough it can be a pain in the a**! Although it could be relatively easy for Valve to improve our gaming experience with some significantly changes. Here are our Top 5 of what we would love to see in future matchmaking updates.


    Get rid of trolls and toxic players

    We all know this. We just started a new game, lost the pistol round and there is this one toxic guy who instantly starts arguing and blaming. If the match doesn’t go in your favor, you can be sure that this rage kid will go totally mad at some point and eventually even leave the game. Beside of muting and reporting him for bad behaviour, you can’t do much and even the report will probably have little to no consequences for him.

    The solution: Give us a “goodwill rating”! The MOBA Smite for example uses the so called “goodwill” to determine who gets matched with whom. You start with a 100% goodwill rating, but every time you leave a game or after a certain amount of reports for bad behaviour, you lose your goodwill and therefore you will only get matched with players of an equal rating. Toxic players have to play with toxic players and leavers. What’s better than giving them a taste of their own medicine?


    Let us play with our friends and change casual mode

    High ranked players know the problem. If the difference between your and your friends ranks is too high, you can’t play matchmaking with them. The only thing you can do is switching to a smurf account or get some random players to build a full five man lobby.

    But the solution could be so easy! Change the casual mode to an unranked matchmaking. This would also be beneficial for newer players since they learn the game as it’s meant to be played. Current casual mode can give a totally wrong idea about how CS:GO works.


    Do something against the cheaters, Valve!

    Yes, this sounds obvious and it should be! But although we get some “VAC waves” from time to time, there are still way too many cheaters in matchmaking. Even with introducing Prime Matchmaking in April 2016, it is still too easy to outfox Valve’s Anti Cheat System compared to advanced tools like the ESEA anti-cheat.


    Reform the ranking system and give us season rewards

    Reaching The Global Elite is a dream for many CS:GO players. But once you have reached this goal, there is not much you can achieve aside of petty operation achievements. How motivating would it be, if there was a season of let’s say 3-4 months and at the end of each season the best players of their respective region get rewards according to their placement in the ranking. Skins, sickers, medals – you name it!

    And by the way Valve, if you are already working on the ranking system, how about showing us how close we are to an uprank and how many matches we need to win until we rank up?


    Improve the servers

    Come one, Valve. You’re making millions and millions from this game and yet we have to play on potato servers with high ping and 64 tick? Give us 128 tick servers (and not only in China!) and let us play on servers which are not located at the other end of our region, so we don’t have twice or three times our regular ping.

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