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  • SK Gaming trolls fans with the signing of Neymar

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    Everybody is talking about the 222 Million Euro transfer of Neymar Jr. from FC Barcelona to PSG. SK Gaming, home of the Brazilian superstars around Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo and Marcelo “coldzera” David, now hopped on the hype train and trolled their fans via a Facebook post in which they announced the signing of Neymar Jr. as a new SK player. Although they ended the post with a “Kappa”, some fans did not get the joke and apparently thought the fake picture was real.

    In their defend, in the past Neymar was frequently seen on several selfies with different Brazilian CS:GO pro players and also posted photos of him playing or watching CS:GO on Instagram. Despite this being just a joke, it is not impossible that Neymar will enter esports one day, for example as a team owner or sponsor.


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