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  • Biggest salary in CS:GO? G2 players are earning $29,000 per month

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    The CS:GO scene is growing constantly and so are the prize money, the viewership numbers and the monthly salaries of the pro players. But how much do the best players really earn? We already knew from several articles based on insder information and interviews, that teams like Virtus.pro or North pay their players around $20,000 – $25,000 per month.


    Statement by es3tag during the documentary, translated into English: “G2 is a world-renowned team, they are stars … They have taken the best stars from the two best French teams, and then they have given them a salary of 180,000 kroner.”

    But in a recently published Danish documentary about┬áPatrick “es3tag” Hansen from Heroic, the 21-year-old is revealing that the French superstars from G2 are getting the highest known salary in the professional CS:GO scene. According to the Danish rifler, each player in G2 gets a fixed salary of $29,000 per month! This makes yearly earnings of $348,000, not including additional income from prize money, streaming or other sponsorship deals.


    Photo source: HLTV.org | Danish article about the documentary

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