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  • CSGOWild: Biggest fraud in the history of CS:GO gambling?

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    CSGOWild scam report

    CS:GO gambling has a long history of scams and frauds, even with the help of well-known Twitch streamers and YouTube personalities such as James “PhantomL0rd” Varga or Trevor “TmarTn” Martin. Despite hundreds of reports and warnings, many huge gambling sites still enjoy great popularity and make tons of money. One of the biggest gambling platforms is CSGOWild which now seems to face another big scandal.

    Twitter user “Akke” published a detailed report in which he talks about the “biggest fraud in the history of CS:GO gambling”. Akke claims that he has found evidence in the code of the website that CSGOWild is using bot accounts in order to play – and win! –  against their customers. According to his report, there are bots which have win rates of 316 wins in 374 games which is an almost impossible rate for any regular user.

    Akke has already announced that more information about how CSGOWild allegedly scams their users will follow soon.


    CSGOWild Bot scam

    According to the report, “jeffy” is one of the bot accounts being used to scam CSGOWild users


    Source: Report by Akke

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