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  • ESEA kicks mOE from Rank S – instantly regrets it

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    Mohammad mOE Assad

    Mohammad “mOE” Assad, one of the scene’s most controversial figures, is no longer allowed to play with the pros in ESEA’s Rank S. The decision to throw mOE out of the exclusive gather club has been announced by Brett Sheffield, product manager of ESEA, via Twitter.


    mOE kicked from Rank S


    The announcement was followed by a series of critical tweets from the fans and mOE himself who could not understand why he got kicked from Rank S.


    mOE is mad after Rank S kick


    Only a few hours later Brett Sheffield spoke again and revised his decision. All players who were excluded a few hours earlier remain in the league. According to Sheffield they want to introduce a new system at ESEA, which shows the promotion and exclusion procedure more transparently for players and fans. mOE may therefore remain in Rank S until further notice.


    mOE back in Rank S


    Source: Twitter | Photo: HLTV.org

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