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  • AWP | Dragon Lore sold for $61,052.63, making it the most expensive skin on a market place

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    For $61,052.63 you could either buy a brand new sports car or take 2-3 years off from work, or you could buy a Factory New AWP | Dragon Lore Souvenir on a skin market place. An unknown rich guy decided to do the latter which makes this AWP | Dragon Lore Souvenir the most expensive skin ever sold on the site.

    The trade happened on January 29th 2018, just after Cloud 9 won their first ever Major title. Is it just coincidence that the Dragon Lore has a golden Cloud 9 sticker on it or was the buyer a happy C9 fan who made himself a special gift after his favorite team won the biggest tophy in CS:GO?

    AWP Dragon Lore Souvenir most expensive skin ever

    Source: Reddit

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