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  • Valve announces to shut down CS:GO trading on OPSkins

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    OPSkins shut down by ValveThe seven-day trading restriction has caused discontent among many players. Especially those who liked to do skin trading wanted Valve to take back the changes. To bypass the lock, OPSkins, one of the largest marketplaces for skin trading, has introduced a new feature that can bypass this trade barrier just a few days ago. The so-called "ExpressTrade" allowed users to trade their items without waiting and therefore faster than in the Steam Market. However, Valve has now announced in a blog post that this feature violates their terms and conditions and that they will shut down all OPSkins Bots by...
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  • AWP | Dragon Lore sold for $61,052.63, making it the most expensive skin on a market place

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    For $61,052.63 you could either buy a brand new sports car or take 2-3 years off from work, or you could buy a Factory New AWP | Dragon Lore Souvenir on a skin market place. An unknown rich guy decided to do the latter which makes this AWP | Dragon Lore Souvenir the most expensive skin ever sold on the site. The trade happened on January 29th 2018, just after Cloud 9 won their first ever Major title. Is it just coincidence that the Dragon Lore has a golden Cloud 9 sticker on it or was the buyer a happy C9 fan...
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  • CSGOWild: Biggest fraud in the history of CS:GO gambling?

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    CSGOWild scam reportCS:GO gambling has a long history of scams and frauds, even with the help of well-known Twitch streamers and YouTube personalities such as James "PhantomL0rd" Varga or Trevor "TmarTn" Martin. Despite hundreds of reports and warnings, many huge gambling sites still enjoy great popularity and make tons of money. One of the biggest gambling platforms is CSGOWild which now seems to face another big scandal. Twitter user "Akke" published a detailed report in which he talks about the "biggest fraud in the history of CS:GO gambling". Akke claims that he has found evidence in the code of the website that CSGOWild is using bot...
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  • New CS:GO case called “chimera” might have been leaked

    CS:GO chimera caseWhenever a new update has been applied to the game, there are many fans who love checking all the hidden files in the deepest folders of the game. Often they are successful, like this time. An attentive fan has probably found the name of the new CS:GO case which seems to be called "chimera". With this information he was able to find a total of 18 community submitted skin concepts, which - as it seems - we will soon see in the game. Below you find the full list of skins which could be available in the new chimera case....
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  • A look at the most expensive CS:GO inventory worth $106,000

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    Most expensive CS:GO inventorySome players have one or two items in their inventory which have a decent value, like a knife or one of the more expensive AWPs, such as the Dragon Lore or the Medusa. But imagine you have an inventory with so many expensive items, that it is hard to even count them! A player from China named "Ness" has managed to reach a value of more than $106,000 for his inventory, which secures him the top spot in the current "top 500 inventories" according to SteamAnalyst.com. Among his expensive items there are several iBUYPOWER (Holo) Katowice 2014 stickers, countless knives...
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  • Cheapest AWP | Dragon Lore sold for $0.04 in the Steam Market

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    Dragon Lore for $0.04An AWP | Dragon Lore (Minimal Wear) normally sells for around $1,800 in the Steam Market. If you are not in a hurry, you can of course wait for a cheaper price and maybe safe $50 oder even $100 when buying in the right moment. But getting a Dragon Lore in this condition for less than $1,000 is almost impossible, even when buying on a market place. But three days ago, an AWP | Dragon Lore (MW) sold for the incredible price of $0.04 in the Steam Market! It is unknown if the seller just failed to enter the correct...
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  • Build a great CS:GO Inventory for less than $5

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    SkinsCS:GO skins can be expensive, we all know that. But with some research you can find a couple of hot deals which will look great in your hands for sure. We have created a skin inventory for less than $5 with skins for the most frequently used weapons, such as the AK-47, AWP, M4A1-S and M4A4. The following skins not only look great, they are surprisingly cheap as well!     AK-47 | Elite Build (FT)   Let's start with the AK-47. A lot of players prefer this rifle over the M4A1-S / M4A4, even as a CT. And it...
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  • $500,000 in skins lost – Valve shuts down SKINSJAR bots

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    skinsValve continues it's fight against filthy businesses around CS:GO skins. The latest site they shut down was SKINSJAR which used to be the sponsor of SK Gaming and hugely invested into marketing their service. According to a report by esports journalist Richard Lewis, SKINSJAR lost skins worth $500,000 when their trading bots got shut down by Valve. In an official statement by the founders, SKINSJAR states that they are looking to compensate their users who have lost their skins.It remains unclear if SKINSJAR will come back to life or if it remains shut down.  
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  • $100.000 for a Knife? The Top 10 Most Expensive Skins

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    It might seem a lot when you browse through the steam market and stumble across skins like the Karambit | Crimson Web starting at around $190 or the famous AWP | Dragon Lore, which will take at least $800 from your wallet balance. But trust me, these numbers are NOTHING compared to the true top 10 of the most expensive CS:GO skins in the world. YouTuber McSkillet has put in a lot of effort to create a top 10 list of the most expensive skins as accurate as possible. The top 10 starts with a mind blowing Factory New AWP | Dragon Lore...
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