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  • Cheat provider caught by police, thousands of hackers banned for lifetime

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    Cheat provider arrested by policePerfect World, the publisher of CS:GO in China, and the local police dealt a decisive blow to the cheater community as regulatory authorities were able to arrest the most successful cheat software provider in the country. The man was caught in Guangzhou, China and could now expect a prison sentence of up to 15 years, as fraud in online games is a serious offense in China. In addition, he could be charged with a high monetary penalty, which is calculated by the profit he has made with the sale of the cheat software. In addition, many users of the cheat software...
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  • Space Soldiers comment on DESPE’s cheating ban in ESL

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    DESPE Space SoldiersJust a week ago Space Soldiers player Çağatay "DESPE" Sedef received a two-year ban by ESL for cheating. However, the Turkish organization kept their player under contract and wants to fight back against the decision made by the German tournament organizer. Yesterday, Space Soldiers stated on Twitter that they are "in touch with the ESL" and that their player "has been falsely accused". Although Space Soldiers thinks that "the issue will be solved", it seems unlikely that the ESL will lift the ban as this very rarely happened in the past.   Our player has been falsely accused and this issue...
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  • New record: More than 275.000 players banned by VAC and Overwatch

    VAC CheaterYou can rightfully complain that Valves Anti Cheat System VAC needs to be improved, but you can't blame the company behind CS:GO for not fighting cheaters in one of their most popular games. Last month, in July 2017, 147.854 cheaters got permanently banned by VAC, according to the statistics of steamdb.info. But not only VAC is doing it's job. "Overwatch", in which the community can review and judge other players who got reported for cheating, banned 131.225 players in July 2017 which marks a new all time record for bans in a single month.
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  • 118 banned cheaters in only 52 matches!

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    cheaterIt's almost unbelievable what reddit user "caracholo" shows us in the statistics of his last 52 matchmaking games before he got the "Prime" status. In these 52 matches, 118 players got banned by VAC afterwards! This means that you have roughly two cheaters per match and these are only the numbers of those who got caught by VAC. Although it is to be noted that these numbers only apply to non-Prime matchmaking. To play Prime matchmaking you need to authenticate your steam account by adding your telephone number, which you can only do once. This makes it way harder for cheaters...
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  • 40.000 VAC Bans in a single day – Huge VAC Ban Wave hits CS:GO

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    VAC BanBad news for cheaters, good news for everyone else who loves playing CS:GO. A huge ban wave by Valves Anti Cheat System (VAC) hit the game just a couple of days ago. The website steamdb.info keeps track of the accounts which get permanently banned by VAC per day and recorded the astonishing number of more than 40.000 VAC bans for a single day! To be exact, 40.409 players have been banned only on July the 6th which marks an all time record for bans for a single day according to the statistics of the website which date back to the year...
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  • Girl gets banned after cheating live on Twitch

    Cheating in an online game like CS:GO is always a bad idea. Using cheats while streaming live on Twitch in front of a huge audience is even worse! But what to do when turning your wallhack on during warmup phase becomes a habit and you accidentally do it on stream? This happened to female streamer MissqGemini just a few days ago. After playing the pistol round with wallhack (and losing!), she suddenly notices that her viewers have recognized her cheats and instantly blames her friend Clara for installing the hack on her PC. It's hard to tell if Clara even exists, but her...
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